Non-profit (501c3)

The Riverview PTO is a non-profit (501c3) organization, funded entirely by donations and a variety of fundraisers.

Depending on the budget for the year and the amount in the PTO account, the PTO may hold seasonal fundraisers in the fall or spring (cookie dough/mixed bag, wrapping paper, etc) or any other variety of smaller fundraisers.

Additionally, the PTO hosts an auction every two years.  

Concessions like popcorn and icecream also help us raise money.  

By participating in monthly PTO meetings you can help determine the best fundraising options for our students and families.  

Are PTO Events Fundraisers?

PTO events like Bingo, Reading or Movie Night are generally not intended to be profitable (although occassionally they do end up making some money).  The goal is host a fun event and charge a minimal amount to break even if possible.

Are there any fundraisers that don't require parents to write a check?

Yes.  There are several ways we as parents/guardians can raise money for Riverview without reaching into our pocketbooks. The more funds we raise through these resources, the less we have to ask for.

Take Advantage of Grocery & Retailer Rewards:

These programs offer great opportunities to raise money for our school just by signing up and getting credit for purchases you're already making.  

Collect Labels and Turn them into the Office to Get Money Back for Riverview:



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